Please note that it is the policy of this company that we are happy to allow prospective customers to test drive our new / used vehicles under the following conditions:

– In the event that I am in an accident in the demonstration vehicle I understand that I will be liable for the insurance excess of $1,500. If the Excess is later re-couped from the third party or waived, it will be re-funded to you.

– I accept all responsibility for any speeding fines, tolls or infringement notices while the stated vehicle is in my care, and will be liable for the payment of these fines.

– I accept that smoking is not permitted in the vehicle and should I return the car dirty, a $200 cleaning fee will be charged.

– Privacy Policy – “I accept that my personal information on my driver’s licence may be disclosed to third parties in relation to Fines, Insurance or other matters that arise from the use and/or purchase of a motor vehicle. This driver’s license information will be kept for a period of 18 months unless otherwise authorised.”