You hereby acknowledge that the information supplied is correct and in signing this agreement, you will abide by the following conditions.

EXCESS: The customer is responsible for paying the current insurance excess of $5,000.00 in the event of loss or damage caused to or by the vehicle whilst the Customer has control or possession of the vehicle and the incident is subject to an insurance claim.

REPAIRS: The Customer is liable and agrees to meet the costs of any repairs to the vehicle arising from any incident, accident or collision where that cost is less than the insurance excess detailed above.

BORROWER: The Customer shall not allow any person to drive the vehicle other than a person authorised in writing by the Dealer

ACCIDENTS: The Customer agrees to report to the Dealer any loss or damage to the vehicle , including body paint, rims and/or mechanical components as soon as possible.

FINES & TOLLS: The Customer shall indemnify the Dealer for any fines, infringements, tolls or other penalties incurred whilst the vehicle is in the Customer’s custody.

ALCOHOL & DRUGS: The Customer shall indemnify the Dealer for any loss or damage caused to or by the vehicle should the Customer be intoxicated or influenced by drugs whilst in control of the vehicle.

NO SMOKING: The Customer shall not allow smoking in then vehicle.

RUNNING EXPENSES: The Customer shall indemnify the Dealer for fuel used whilst the vehicle is in the Customers possession and any costs of restoring the vehicle to a reasonable condition if the vehicle is returned in an unclean state.

VEHICLE RETURN: The Dealer has the right to require, in any manner and at any time, the immediate return of the vehicle by the Customer in the same condition as the vehicle was provided.

PRIVACY: The personal information collected about the Customer is for the purpose of this agreement will be used and treated in accordance with the Dealers Privacy Policy, which is available on the Dealers website. The Customer gives consent for Volvo Cars Australia or the Dealer to make contact, or send information, concerning enquiries the customer may have made regarding purchasing or servicing a vehicle. If you do not wish to receive this information please advise the sales consultant at the time of signing.

OTHER CONDITIONS: The Customer shall not allow the carrying of animals or travel more than 500 klms in the vehicle. The vehicle may be equipped with an in Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS), which may log an audio and/or visual record of data such as locations, speeds and driving habits.

I acknowledge that I have read and understood the above conditions upon which the Dealer is lending me the Loan Vehicle.