Fully Automated VEVO Visa Checks

Identity and Visa Checks are mandatory under new regulations

Cloud Service VEVO Visa Verification

IDV Pacific provides clients with automated Department of Home Affairs Australian Visa (VEVO) checks that require NO MANUAL DATA INPUT

Just upload an image of a relevant foreign passport to our server and receive a full VEVO check.

Enables anyone including employers, educational institutions, labour-hire agencies, and recruitment firms to:

  • Request single or multiple (batch file) visa checks
  • Average response time measured in seconds per visa checked
  • Up to 2,500 checks per day when using batch mode
  • Receive results AS DATA through our API (requires client-side application changes)

Advanced Passport Validation

If required we can also utilise our:

  • Border control standard document validation technology to validate the passport, and
  • Face recognition to confirm that a live image of the presenter matches the passport portrait

Why do employers need to comply with new regulations?


DHA (Department of Home Affairs) requires ‘employers to take reasonable steps to make sure they are not employing, referring or contracting illegal workers’

Enhanced Detection

Single Touch Payroll now gives the Australian Tax Office (ATO) the ability to share payroll data with DHA for compliance audits

DHA now cross-match Tax File Numbers with near real-time payroll data to identify workers without appropriate visa requirements

Large Fines

Australian employers face prosecution and fines if they employ illegal workers:

• A$3,780 to A$63,000 and/or five years imprisonment for individuals
• A$18,900 to A$315,000 and/or five years imprisonment for bodies corporate and their representatives

IDV identity validation enables compliance

❖ Confirm employee or student identity and work status to comply with the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) and new Labour Hire Agency Licensing Laws

❖ ‘Right-to-Work’ checks offer limited value unless the underlying identity has been validated

❖ If employers do not validate employee identity/visa status, they risk financial penalties and damage to corporate reputation and public image

❖ Save time and money by checking potential employee identity and work status before checking references, work history, qualifications, credit history and even criminal record

❖ There is little point checking these details unless applicants’ identity and work status are verified

How it works


3 easy steps

API Integration & Batch Mode

IDV Pacific also offers the ability to integrate Visa queries into your legacy applications and/or website using our APIs

We further provide a capability to do batch queries for multiple applicants. Up to 2,500 queries can be performed per day, using either Excel (CSV) data or passport images for input
  • VEVO queries can be executed in batch mode. IDV can process up to 5,000 applications per day
  • Input for the batch process can be either a folder of passport images or data in a CSV file or Excel format
  • Data can be returned in CSV or Excel format
  • All passport and visa data is accessible through the IDV API to populate legacy systems






On Screen

Data (CSV)

PDF Report






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Why use IDV Pacific Online identity solutions?

ComplianceCompliant with new regulations from Department of Home Affairs (DHA) and state based Labour Hire Agency Licensing Laws. See here for Victorian details and here for Queensland details
Cost effectiveSubscription pricing available
Easy to learnOnline training available. Typically 15 minutes to learn
No keying dataData is extracted from passport images using Optical Character Recognition
Instant resultsResults are typically available within seconds
Detect fraudWhen scanning passports, option is available to validate using TrustID software (see Cloud Solution here)
Batch facilityQueries can also be submitted in batch mode. IDV can process up to 2500 applications per day. Input can be either a folder of passport images or data in a CSV file or Excel format
Audit trailResults are returned onscreen and in an audit compatible PDF format
AlertsGet alerts for re-validation, or optionally we can execute re-validation automatically
ReputationReduce the risk of financial penalties or harm to your corporate reputation and public image
Multi branchBusinesses with multiple branches or locations can have separate accounts for each branch, with consolidated billing
APIsAll passport and visa data is accessible through the IDV API to populate legacy systems. This can be integrated by client into legacy system/s for automated operation

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Nb: Australian employers must comply with the Privacy Act 1988

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