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Face Recognition – What is it?

Face recognition (FR) is a technology to identify a person from a digital image or video frame. It is more effective and consistent identifying and verifying candidates than relying on a human alone.

Today, the technology has evolved from science fiction to mainstream. According to NIST, FR technology is 20 times more accurate than it was a few years ago. From the convenience of using your face to unlock your phone, to streamlining progress through passport control, the technology is now publicly accepted.

IDV Pacific offers Face Recognition capability to augment our document validation services by identifying and matching an individual to a validated document for high-level identity assurance.

We also provide high level FR capability to identify individuals for secure area access and public space monitoring.

Many types of Biometric Checks

There are various forms of biometric checks, each with unique characteristics that make them suitable for different applications. Categories include Iris Scans, Voice Recognition, Fingerprints, and DNA checks, among others.

Face recognition as a biometric identification tool has the following characteristics that make it suitable for cross-matching images to identity documents and public space monitoring:

  • Contactless and non-invasive

    A key advantage of facial recognition as a biometric identification tool is that it can identify individuals with minimal or even no cooperation of the subject individual/s to operate.

  • Improved Security

    Biometric face recognition can improve your security by identifying and recording every individual entering secure areas. Trespassers can be captured by the recognition system and send real-time alerts. With a facial recognition security system, you can potentially reduce the costs of hiring security staff.

  • High Accuracy

    Facial ID technology is now mainstream, very reliable, and it is gaining increasing social acceptance. With continued developments of 3D facial recognition technologies and cameras, the success rate is increasing.
    The combination of advanced biometric algorithms and better and cheaper webcams and IP cameras means FR systems can deliver results quickly and with high accuracy for confidence in your security.

  • Fully Automated

    Previously, security guards were needed to visually ensure security. The technology has now matured to the point where this is no longer necessary. Facial recognition technology integrated with HR systems can now fully automate processes and ensure accuracy at very high rates providing convenience with lower costs.

Facial recognition is a type of biometric software that can identify or verify a person from a digital image by mapping out their features mathematically and saving the information as a fingerprint. This technology uses deep learning algorithms to compare these images to ensure that it is the correct individual’s identity, making it very similar to other identifying technologies such as fingerprint matching, retina scanning and voice recognition.

Video-based Face Recognition

Advancing security from reactive to proactive

Thales Cogent Face Recognition Platform

Recognising faces in a crowd takes diligence. Identifying each one takes advanced technology. That’s how Thales Cogent Face Recognition Platform (FRP) takes your security from reactive to proactive.

Face Recognition Platform is ranked in the top three globally by the US-based National Institute of Science and Technology. It is in use by border control agencies at many major airports globally.

IDV Pacific is an authorised Channel Partner for  Thales

World-class face recognition solution options

Embedding a leading-edge facial recognition algorithm, FRP provides options adapted for surveillance, physical access control/passenger boarding, forensic investigation, ID check, mobile facial recognition, and a development toolkit for embedded applications.

The FRP options are:

FRP Check is a powerful solution for cross-checking a live face against a photograph in an ID document

FRP Watch performs surveillance by quickly identifying persons of interest from live video streams and sending real-time alerts

FRP Verify is for granting access by recognising authorised persons including liveness detection

FRP Search to find known persons in an extensive database of photos, or recorded videos

With the FRP SDK, these functions can be combined to provide multi-faceted bespoke solutions

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