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IDV Pacific

Document and ID Validation

Scan and validate Australian and international passports, driving licences, visas and national ID cards

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Australian VEVO Visa Checks

Check work, residential and study status from VEVO with our automated interfaces – eliminate Immi checks

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Thales Scanners

Read and verify ID documents with white light, infrared, ultraviolet and read the chip in e-Passports and other ICAO documents

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IDV Hub Manager

IDV’s Hub Manager utility provides remote, real-time management for document readers, other hardware, and system software

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Why choose IDV Pacific for identity checks?

❖   We’re experts in identity document verification. We make it easier for organisations of all sizes to make quick, affordable, and consistent ID checks from anywhere.

  Our ID verification solutions enable you to do ID checks to:

  • confirm compliance with Labour Licensing Laws,
  • run identity checks for conveyancing,
  • prevent fraud in the public sector, or
  • check ID as part of VOI/ KYC/AML legislation,

  We also have the best document helpdesk team in the industry. They help analyse ID scans to ensure you only accept genuine ID documents and offer advice and guidance on identity validation.

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What We Do

Employment Checks2023-05-18T14:07:22+10:00

Looking for a quick and easy way to do Employment checks?

  • Check work status through VEVO
  • Validate ID documents such as driving licences, passports, visas and national ID cards
  • Almost 6,000 international ID documents supported
  • Attach supporting documents such as education or trade certifications
  • Include image of candidate
  • All on a certified PDF audit document for your records
  • Access to the IDV Pacific helpdesk
  • API available
Batch Processing2023-05-18T12:23:31+10:00

Process requests in bulk from csv Data or images

Send IDV Pacific a folder containing hundreds or thousands of passport or relevant ID document images, and we will batch-process them quickly

Enables organisations to re-audit large volumes of documents that may have already been accepted using manual sighting without applying meaningful identity document validation tests


Need to check identity documents as part of your VOI/KYC/AML process?

  • Prove compliance and reduce the threat of fraud and damage to your brand
  • Check passports, ID cards, Biometric Residence Permits, visas and driving licences
  • Suitable for everyone, whether you need to check a few documents or thousands
  • Run advance level document checks with the IDV Pacific Desktop scanning system
  • Check documents on the move using our IDV Pacific App on your smartphone or upload copies of documents captured on a scanner
  • Use our API to upload documents for checking from your own systems, apps or websites
  • Our document Helpdesk team, with government-trained experts, are on hand with advice and guidance
Online ID Checks2023-05-18T10:39:06+10:00

Validate identity documents in seconds using your smartphone or laptop

  •  Check passports, ID cards, Visas and Driving Licences
  • Submit scans and copies of identity documents or take a picture and upload it to IDV Pacific Cloud with your smartphone or tablet
  • Confirm compliance with new Labour Licensing Laws
  • Verifies visa details from national VEVO database
  • Download detailed pdf audit reports for your records
  • Backed up by our expert helpdesk service who visibly inspect any documents with inconclusive results and provide help and guidance

ID Scanner Checks2023-05-18T10:38:55+10:00

Make advance level document validation checks with an ID Scanner

  • Specialist identity document scanner with visible, ultraviolet and infrared imaging which attaches to your laptop or PC
  • Checks Passports, ID cards, Biometric Residence Permits, Visas and Driving Licences
  • Verifies printed and biometric chip data and cross checks for consistency
  • Choose our Desktop Plus option to check the security features of almost 6,000 documents from more than 200 countries
  • Auto export validation results to other systems and processes
  • Detailed audit trail, MI and reporting
  • Backed up by our expert helpdesk service
Right to Study Checks2023-05-18T14:04:26+10:00

Check student study and work credentials without keying data

  • Validate study visa status by uploading a passport image
  • Validate whether the student is in or out of the country according to border force
  • Passport validated at the same time as VEVO details retrieved
  • Batch mode processing allows up to 5,000 checks per day
  • Run batch checks on extracted student record data or a folder of passport images
  • Proprietary secure file transfer ensures the utmost security of personal data

Why use IDV Pacific online identity services

  • Cost-effective

  • Easy to learn

  • No keying data

  • Compliance with new regulations

  • Instant results

  • Detect fraud

  • Omni-channel

  • Protect your company reputation

  • Audit trail

  • Alerts

  • APIs

  • Software as a Service


❖ Our easy to use software can validate nearly 6,000 different international identity documents including passports, driving licences, visas and national ID cards


❖ Check work and study visa status of off-shore workers and students by uploading a passport image or entering or passing details


❖ IDV Pacific specialises in identity document verification allowing quick, affordable and consistent ID and work status checks


❖ Access via cloud, mobile kiosk or desktop systems generating online and audit PDF reports in seconds. APIs available for legacy system integration


❖ The IDV Pacific helpdesk team also reviews documents in our time zone for UK and US companies. The team ensure you only accept genuine ID documents

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