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Document and ID Validation

Scan and validate Australian and international passports, driving licences, visas and national ID cards

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Australian VEVO Visa Checks

Check work, residential and study status from VEVO with our automated interfaces – eliminate Immi checks

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Police and ASIC Checks

Run National Police Checks for results for all states and territories with a single online application

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Thales Scanners

Read and verify ID documents with white light, infrared, ultraviolet and read the chip in e-Passports and other ICAO documents

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iProov partners with IDV Pacific

iProov announces its partnership with Australian identity verification specialists IDV Pacific Pty Ltd. The announcement sees iProov expand its growing partner network and extend its services into Australia and New Zealand.


About iProov

Founded in 2011, iProov is the world leader in online facial biometric authentication, working with governments, banks, and other enterprises to remotely verify customer identity. Used for onboarding and authentication, customers include the US Department of Homeland Security, the UK Home Office, NHS, Eurostar, Rabobank, ING, Knab Bank, and others. iProov’s unique patented technology provides Genuine Presence Assurance, ensuring an online customer is the right person, a real person, and authenticating right now. This protects against spoof attacks from photos, videos, masks, replay attacks, and the emerging threat of deep fakes. Please see

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More News

IDV Pacific congratulates iProov

The Australian Taxation Office has started trialing face verification technology from UK company iProov in its myGovID digital identity credentialing app to verify the identity of users.

It will be available to those myGovID users wanting to access the complete range of online services that are eventually offered by Australian federal and state governments.

The myGovID can currently be used to access 78 online services from 30 federal and state government agencies.

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Technology Partners and Industry Associations


❖ Our easy to use software can validate nearly 6,000 different international identity documents including passports, driving licences, visas and national ID cards


❖ Check work and study visa status of off-shore workers and students by uploading a passport image or entering or passing details


❖ IDV Pacific specialises in identity document verification allowing quick, affordable and consistent ID and work status checks


❖ Access via cloud, mobile kiosk or desktop systems generating online and audit PDF reports in seconds. APIs available for legacy system integration


❖ The IDV Pacific helpdesk team also reviews documents in our time zone for UK and US companies. The team ensure you only accept genuine ID documents

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Document & Identity Validation
Australian Visa Checks Service
Police, ASIC & Other Checks

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Desktop Solution

Our robust desktop scanner reads identity documents in a few seconds. Read more…


Mobile Solution

Scan, validate and accept identity documents quickly and reliably on your smartphone or tablet. Read more…

Cloud Solution

Validate identity documents, check visa status, or order National Police checks through our dedicated website. Read more…

APIs and Batch

Integrate our software into your own systems and workflows to validate ID documents or check visa status. Read more…

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