Hub Manager: Advanced Remote Device Managementment

About the Hub Manager

IDV Pacific’s Hub Manager is a system management utility that provides remote, real-time:

Problem identification and remediation,
Animated graphic health check, and
software and firmware updates,

for Thales ID document readers, PC-based kiosks and attached hardware, and system software.

These devices can be remotely addressed individually, fleet-wide, or by user-defined groups or hierarchical subsets. Updates or changes can be applied either in real-time or scheduled for off-peak execution.

With this toolset, clients with a cluster of distributed document readers can perform advanced automated remote device management, reducing the need for physical support staff to solve reader/scanner, kiosk, or PC issues.

With the automated remote management features, many issues are auto-diagnosed and remediated by the system without operator intervention, protecting uptime and reducing the reliance on field staff.

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Components of the Hub Manager

There are four elements that work together to create the functionality of the Hub Manager:

The SDK (software development kit) enables direct connection to the reader and contains:

  • The OEM Reader SDK,
  • The remote support module,
  • The device configurator,
  • IDV Image processing software,
  • The OCR (optical character recognition) engine, and
  • The document template library.

Hub Manager communicates in real-time with IDV iCore and IDV Commander to enable remote management capability.

This module of iCore includes functions to:

  • Manage devices including kiosks and connected readers/scanners,
  • Manage software licenses,
  • Remotely distribute software and firmware releases,
  • Issue mobile commands,
  • Analyse transactions with the transaction manager,
  • Manage user and client access control, and
  • Manage data encryption, client authentication, and security components.

For more information on the IDV Client Administrator Portal, see here.

A sophisticated management tool that augments the device management capabilities of the portal.

Its advanced functions include:

  • A communication encryption manager,
  • The software update manager,
  • Software & reader log monitoring,
  • The scanner configuration manager for remote configuration changes,
  • Reader SDK update manager,
  • Software status manager, and
  • An animated real-time remote Reader/Scanner health check function.

For more information on the IDV Commander, see here.

Document readers are typically connected to a local area network, an attached PC, or a touchscreen kiosk to use the full hub manager functionality.

Hub Manager currently supports the full range of Thales Gemalto and 3M USB and network/WiFi attached document readers/scanners.

For more information on Thales readers, see here.

Support for Thales biometric fingerprint scanners is planned, as is support for other brands of Identity Document readers. If your brand is not supported, please enquire below for planned future compatibility.

Other devices supported include webcams, PCs and Windows-based Kiosks, and Windows updates.

hub manager

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Components of the Hub Manager

There are four elements that work together to create the functionality of the Hub Manager:

Benefits of the Hub Manager

The IDV Pacific Hub Manager affords benefits including:

  • Advanced automated remote device fleet management features
  • Remote connectivity without the need for any RDP (remote desktop protocol) applications

  • Proactive issue rectification with advanced in-built auto error detection and remediation function

  • Real-time alerting

  • Encrypted I/O level end-to-end communication and support channels

  • Automated updates to software, firmware security patches, document templates, and license keys in selected groups for overnight batch remote updates

  • Ability to remotely manage an entire fleet of geographically dispersed readers, saving the need to engage local staff or to be on-site

  • Uses native Windows commands for the execution of support

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    What’s in the demo?

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    • A live demonstration of the Hub Manager including a drill down into the advanced management features
    • An overview discussion on the steps and costs involved to implement the Hub Manager to your business