IDV Pacific at Australasian Gaming Expo 2023

By IDV Pacific – August 23, 2023

ICC Sydney: International Convention & Exhibition Centre

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About Australasian Gaming Expo 2023

The 2023 Australasian Gaming Expo (AGE) brought together the gaming, technology, and hospitality industries under one roof at the ICC Sydney. This dynamic event, organised by the Gaming Technologies Association (GTA), showcased the latest advancements, innovations, and trends shaping the gaming landscape. With over 220 exhibitors spanning diverse sectors, AGE 2023 provided a comprehensive platform to explore cutting-edge technologies, discuss critical industry topics, and forge connections among industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts. From thought-provoking seminars to interactive displays, the expo exemplified the industry’s commitment to growth, innovation, and responsible practices. As the event concluded, anticipation for the next chapter of AGE builds, reflecting the industry’s continuous drive for advancement and collaboration.

IDV Pacific & Thales

Australasian Gaming Expo 2023

IDV Pacific, a leading provider of identity validation solutions, proudly announces its presence and contributions to the recently concluded 2023 Australasian Gaming Expo (AGE). With an unwavering commitment to innovation and security, IDV Pacific showcased its technology that has the potential to reshape the gaming landscape and secure cashless gaming.

The three-day event, organised by the Gaming Technologies Association (GTA), witnessed a record-breaking turnout of more than 8,000 delegates, highlighting the industry’s continued growth and the keen interest in the advancements showcased.

IDV Pacific’s showcase was its revolutionary OCR Engine, a technological marvel designed to seamlessly scan and extract data from essential identity documents such as Driving Licences and Passports with Thales ID Scanners. This innovation has the potential to redefine user onboarding processes, streamline security protocols, and elevate the overall gaming experience.

Another highlight of the event was the presence of representatives and technical leads from the Thales South Asia region, who travelled from overseas to witness the Thales scanners in action at the IDV Pacific exhibit. Their presence underlines the global significance of the collaboration and its role in enhancing security measures within the gaming industry.

“The AGE serves as a crucial platform for industry leaders to come together, exchange ideas, and showcase the latest advancements. At IDV Pacific, we are proud to have demonstrated our commitment to secure gaming practices and technological excellence,” stated Peter Christie, CEO of IDV Pacific.

The event also featured discussions on pivotal industry topics, including anti-money laundering, cashless gaming, and customer experience enhancement in shaping the future of gaming. These dialogues further solidified the importance of responsible practices, security, and innovation within the industry.

With the conclusion of AGE 2023, excitement for the upcoming 33rd edition builds. IDV Pacific looks forward to once again being a part of this premier industry event, contributing to the advancement of secure and technologically driven gaming practices.


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