The 2024 iProov Threat Intelligence Report:

Navigating the New Realities of Remote Identity Verification

By IDV Pacific – March 25, 2024

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As an iProov partner for Asia Pacific*, IDV Pacific highlights some critical insights from this report that are pertinent to Australia, underscoring the heightened necessity for secure and resilient remote identity verification solutions.

The advent of criminally weaponised generative AI tools has introduced sophisticated methods for committing identity fraud, with cyber-enabled financial crimes leading as a primary concern. This surge in identity-related fraud emphasises the need for robust verification of remote individuals, especially in sectors like government, finance, employment, and legal matters. Liveness detection in facial biometrics has developed into a critically important defence against presentation, digital, and synthetic identity attacks, confirming the technology’s role in ensuring the authenticity of remote individuals.

2023 witnessed an extra ordinary rise in the complexity and frequency of attacks, with a 704%** increase in face swap injection attacks and an upsurge in mobile web injections, highlighting the escalating challenge of securing remote identity verification systems. The report identifies a dual threat from presentation and digital injection attacks, with the latter posing a scalable threat due to its technical sophistication and potential for automation.

The iProov report documents the tactics and tools employed by threat actors, including the use of emulators and synthetic media, to bypass traditional security measures. It stresses the importance of continuous monitoring and adaptation to counter these evolving threats. The proliferation of face swap tools and the creative use of emulators to conceal their use represent meaningful challenges, as these methods are becoming increasingly accessible, cheaper (or free), and easy to use.

In response to these challenges, the report offers comprehensive recommendations, advocating the adoption of multi-frame liveness detection technologies and emphasizing the importance of external testing and certification. It cautions against reliance on single-frame liveness and PAD certifications alone, advocating a holistic approach to security that encompasses continuous threat intelligence and real-time system updates.

Notably, the report stresses the vulnerability of relying on human operators for decision making with fraudsters often intentionally failing low level biometric tests to be referred to a human operator where they achieve high levels of success.

The 2024 iProov Threat Intelligence Report highlights the critical need for organisations to remain vigilant and adaptive in the face of rapidly evolving cyber threats. By embracing advanced biometric technologies and adhering to rigorous security standards, businesses can fortify their remote identity verification processes, ensuring a secure and trustworthy digital ecosystem.

As digital identities become increasingly integral to our online interactions, the insights provided by iProov’s report are invaluable for organisations seeking to navigate the complex landscape of remote identity verification. By understanding the methods and motivations of threat actors, organisations can implement more effective defences, safeguarding their operations and the identities of their users against the sophisticated threats of tomorrow.

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iProov Threat Intelligence Report 2024

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**iProov Threat Intelligence Report 2024


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