New Thales Digital Licence Scanner CR2000 – Coming Soon

By IDV Pacific – October 17, 2023

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Thales Gemalto CR2000

About Thales CR2000

In the wake of the global push for digital identification systems, Thales Gemalto has introduced the cutting-edge Thales Gemalto Identity Card Reader CR2000, an innovative device set to streamline the processing of both physical and mDL compliant digital driving licences such as the new Queensland digital license currently undergoing a trial.

ISO 18013-5

The Thales Gemalto CR2000, a breakthrough in the field, stands out as the first reader capable of seamlessly processing both traditional ISO/IEC 7810 ID-1 cards and the latest ISO 18013-5 digital credentials, including digital driving licences. This pioneering feature embodies a significant step towards bridging the gap between conventional and contemporary identity verification methods.

Embracing Innovation During Identity Week

The Thales Gemalto CR2000 will be featured at the upcoming Identity Week Asia in November, as it signifies a significant leap forward in the realm of digital licence scanning solutions, reflecting Thales Gemalto’s dedication to innovation, security, and efficiency in the digital identity landscape. Full details and specifications will be available late November. Please enquire now for details when they become available.

Best Compatibility for Digital Driver Licences

The scanner is best compatible for digital driver licences, such as the imminent Queensland Digital Driving Licence (mDL), ensuring efficient and reliable identity verification processes within the digital license scanning market. This scanner is also fully compatible with the IDV Pacific iCore platform which delivers omni channel cloud based Saas identity validation applications with custom workflows for customers.

The combination of CR2000 and iCore gives customers an end-to-end solution for processing of both digital and physical licences for identity validation.

User-Friendly Design and Unmatched Performance

The Thales Gemalto CR2000 boasts a user-centric design that emphasises user-friendliness and efficiency. Its compact design optimises user interaction, while the slanted interface allows for easy placement of ID1 cards or mobile devices, ensuring quick and precise capture of personal identification data. Additionally, the device’s exceptional performance facilitates lightning-fast contactless operations, featuring auto-triggering and advanced document placement algorithms, making it an ideal choice for both desktop and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) integration.

Versatility Across Industries

The Thales Gemalto Identity Card Reader CR2000 finds wide applications across multiple sectors, including hospitality, retail, and financial services. In the hospitality industry, it streamlines check-in and check-out processes, simplifies payment procedures, and enhances overall workflow efficiency. In the retail sector, the device facilitates real-time customer identity verification and aids in the efficient population of customer relationship management (CRM) data. For financial service providers, the CR2000 provides a reliable means of verifying the identity of individuals accessing financial services, enhancing security measures and instilling trust in digital transactions.

Sustainable and Future-Proof Solution for Global Markets

Built with sustainability in mind, the Thales Gemalto CR2000 is an ultra-low powered device, aligning with eco-responsible business practices. Its adaptability across traditional and digital ID reading scenarios guarantees future-proof deployment strategies, making it a valuable asset for businesses aiming for sustainable, long-term growth and compliance.

Thales Gemalto CR2000
Thales Gemalto CR2000

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