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Case Study:Scanning Accuracy

A Real-World Data Result for Streamlining Driving License Verification

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In today’s digitised world, the demand for efficient identity verification solutions is on the rise, especially for driving license verification. The Thales CR5400 ID Document Scanner emerges as a leading contender in this space, offering seamless and reliable scanning capabilities. In this blog post, we present a real-world data test case of the Thales CR5400, demonstrating its ability to streamline the verification process for driving licenses.

About CR5400

The Thales CR5400 ID scanner, previously known as Gemalto and 3M, is designed to read and capture images from both sides of ID and driver’s licences. It performs thorough checks on 1D and 2D barcodes, UV watermarks, and infrared holograms. The scanning process is user-friendly as you can insert the card in any direction, and the internal cameras will simultaneously read and authenticate both sides of the ID, extract relevant data, and efficiently eject the ID.

Understanding the Test Case

Through IDV Pacific production data, we assessed the Thales CR5400 ID Document Scanner’s performance in handling driving license in a real-world environment. Our analysis aims to evaluate the scanner’s quality, speed, and reliability in processing diverse driving license documents. The test case involves scanning driving licenses, representing different formats and designs from from all Australian States and Territories.


  • Impressive Success Rate

Over the three months April to June 2023, our system processed 15,261 ID scans using the Thales CR5400 scanner, with a success rate of 96.12%
This high success rate indicates the scanner’s high quality and reliability with IDV’s proprietary OCR system in recognising and extracting data from Driving Licences quickly and effectively.

To provide transparency and context, let’s delve into the reasons behind these failed transactions.

Document-relatedDamaged IDSome driving licences were damaged, rendering certain areas unreadable or distorted.
Document-relatedFaded TextFaded text print on the Driving Licence can hinder the OCR Engine's ability to read data.
Inappropriate UseExposure to Bright SunlightPlacing or exposing the scanner directly to bright sunlight during scanning can impact image quality.
Inappropriate UseIncorrect Timing during ScanningUsers may not insert their Driving Licences correctly or at the prompted time, leading to incomplete scans.
  • Resilience in Fast-Paced Environments

    Despite these potential challenges, the Thales CR5400 ID Document Scanner has proven its mettle in high-paced environments. Its fast and efficient performance ensures hassle-free and rapid scanning of Driving Licences, bolstering overall productivity and customer satisfaction.

  • Positive Feedback for the ID Document Scanner

    New users find it easy and secure to scan their driving license using a toaster-like device, rather than letting it handle by someone unknown, a conventional flat-bed document scanner, or capturing it with a mobile device.

Benefits of the CR5400 with IDV OCR Engine

  • Accuracy:With the IDV OCR Engine, the CR5400 delivers high accuracy in extracting data from driving licenses, minimising errors and maximising reliability.
  • Enhanced Efficiency:The seamless scanning process saves valuable time during scanning. It takes less than 4 seconds to capture both sides of the ID Document.
  • Global Compatibility:The ability to scan various driving license formats makes the IDV OCR Engine a versatile solution for businesses operating across different regions.
  • Template Updates:IDV Pacific regularly updates the ID document templates and also supports custom ID document templating.


The Thales CR5400 ID Document Scanner has successfully demonstrated its capabilities as a powerful solution for driving license verification. Through our real-world test case, we have witnessed its efficiency, accuracy, and resilience in handling diverse driving license formats, even in demanding environments. With positive feedback from operators and users, it further solidifies its position as an intuitive and user-friendly tool for identity verification.

Experience the Thales CR5400 Today

If you’re seeking a robust and reliable ID document scanner for driving license verification, the Thales CR5400 is the ideal solution. It has proven its worth as a real-world test case and is ready to optimise your identity verification process with ease and efficiency.

For more information or to schedule a demo, feel free to contact us.

Disclaimer: The data and results presented in this blog post are based on IDV Pacific production data as of July 2023. Individual results may vary based on specific use cases and environmental factors.

Thales CR5400
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