Driver Licence OCR

Effortlessly extract key information from Driver Licences using our advanced OCR Engine. Through precise Optical Character Recognition (OCR), our solution accurately captures and processes critical details, streamlining identification and verification processes for various applications.

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Driving Licence OCR

Fields Extracted

  • Name

  • Document No.
  • Class Code & Description
  • Condition Code & Description
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of Issue
  • Date of Expiry
  • Signature
  • Face Photo
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Experience the simulation

This simulation has been designed to provide you with an overview of what the ID check process would entail when using IDV Pacific’s:

  • Driver Licence OCR Engine,
  • Liveness Test, and
  • Facematch.

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Live Demo of Driver Licence OCR

Try out the IDV Pacific’s Driver Licence OCR on your own licence and see how quickly and accurately it extracts the data from the document.

Note that this demo ONLY extracts data from the front of the licence (Queensland and some other licences have address and other data on the reverse side.)

For the purposes of this demo we omit processing the reverse side, Liveness and Face Match tests. To see these and other features please contact us.

Note: We will not use or share this information and it will be securely deleted overnight.

For further details, refer to our privacy policy.


Driving Licence OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, is a technology that turns text on driver’s licenses into digital data. It eliminates manual data entry, making license information easily accessible and usable in various applications, from identity verification to traffic management. This technology enhances efficiency and security, modernizing how we handle driver’s licenses in the digital age.

Driving Licence OCR works by capturing an image of the driver’s license using a scanner or a camera-equipped device. The OCR software then processes this image, identifies characters through their shapes and patterns, and converts them into digital text. IDV OCR Engine uses advanced algorithms to ensure accuracy.


We can (optionally) check whether an Australian licence was validly issued and is current by referencing the Department of Home Affairs DVS (Document Verification System) in real time. New Zealand licences can similarly be validated.

We can also (optionally) check if the document has been tampered with using our Advanced Pattern Matching graphic algorithm.

For further details please contact us.

Yes, IDV OCR Engine can scan the transparent strip of a Victorian Driver’s Licence. This also applies to other similar Driver’s Licence designs with transparent strips. For example, Tasmanian Driver’s Licence or Northern Territory new driver’s licence.

For actual accuracy statistics, refer to our case study post.

OCR can extract a wide range of information from a driver’s license, including the holder’s full name, date of birth, address, license number, expiration date, and even the specific class of the license (e.g., for different vehicle types).

Driving Licence OCR has a wide range of applications. It’s used by automotive retailers for test drive and service loan car applications to verify license details, by car rental services for efficient customer check-ins, and even in digital wallets for secure and contactless identity verification

OCR technology is generally effective with most driver’s licenses that have machine-readable text. We support all Australian and New Zealand Driver Licences and many jurisdictions as well. Please contact us for details of other jurisdictions supported

Contact IDV Pacific to implement driving licence OCR for your organisation. You can use our APIs, or we can build a custom solution for you. Simply fill out the form below.

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